My eyes wandered around the room. A Sphinx, a Medusa's head, two bizarre columns, the stone heads of two huge lions. All of which raised my curiosity even further.
     "You are, no doubt, talking about solving real mysteries?" I asked.
     She followed my gaze. She was obviously a very good observer, because her next question hit me head-on:
     "You're not afraid, are you?"
     Motionless and without a word, I looked at her. Maybe a little longer than I normally would. There's not much that would unsettle me:
     "Afraid? Not really. Just a thought."
     "Try to put it into words," she encouraged me gently.
     "If I acquire some secret information, won't it change my own life?"
     "That depends entirely on you, what you decide to do with it."
     She was right. I smiled, and so did she:
     "Let's say that, for a couple of hours, you're going to be a real mystery hunter, but without the risk of anyone trying to take your life."
     I was absolutely enchanted. That was the moment when my mind was firmly made up, that I just couldn't miss such an extraordinary experience.