Of course, her clue was more than obvious. The Fountain of the Four Corners of the World, as it's also known, is one of my favourites. The figures of four women hold aloft a sphere formed of bands of longitude and latitude. Beneath this, four pairs of horses leap from the fountain towards the four points of the compass. I hadn't the slightest need for hesitation: "Of course, you're talking about the Statue of Liberty in the Luxembourg Gardens."
     "Satisfactory," whispered Cybele, and turned her full attention to our guest.
     He put down his cup of coffee on the table to his right and took a set of photographs from his briefcase. "We waited for you to return, to avoid the need to repeat everything."
     I picked up a notepad, so I'd be ready to write down any details, and the man began his story.
     "Our embassy was approached by a certain person, who shall remain nameless for now. But let's start at the beginning, just as the gentleman told us his story.