Believe it or not, that's just how it happened.
     A few years ago, I was driving along West 35th Street in New York, and just out of nostalgia, I pulled up and got out and climbed the steps to the old brownstone house. I didn't have any real reason for doing it, just a kind of curiosity.
     I rang the doorbell and waited.
     The door opened, and the woman who was standing there could be described in one word. Gorgeous!
     "Can I help you?" she asked with a smile.
     There were an awful lot of things I could have wanted at that moment, but I came to my senses, and replied:
     "The name's Attis."
     I began my speech with a rather formal introduction, but I didn't finish the sentence. It was so many years ago! What would a name mean to anyone?
     "My Grandfather once worked here. I'm sorry, I was just curious to know whether this is the base of some kind of institution, or just a private residence."
     "My name's Cybelle."
     She opened the door wide and stepped to the side to let me in.
     You don't refuse an invitation like that! Without a moment's hesitation, I stepped inside. I felt a little bashful, of course, as I was the one who was intruding on the calm of this old house, but my curiosity was simply enticing me to go in and feel the atmosphere of that unique place.
     "You see, at one time, mysteries were solved in this house, and I've heard a lot about it."
     "Many things have changed," she said in explanation. "But once again this is a place where mysteries are solved."
     "Really?" This time I was completely surprised. "How do you mean?"
     She must have detected a slight tremor of excitement in my question. Without further delay, she took a large business card from the round mahogany table to her right and gave it to me. It read:
??? 5+10+15 To Unravel The Mystery.
     "Perhaps you haven't come across us before, haven't read about our cases, or even heard of us. In which case, you have no way of knowing what our title means."
     ??? 5+10+15 To Unravel The Mystery. I really didn't have the faintest idea. She noticed my discomfort.
     Without hesitation, she led me through the hall and opened the door to the study.
     "You will understand everything when you get to know us better."
     "And now, come and solve mysteries with us!"