Series's original title:

Series's original title: ATTIS & CYBELLE MYSTERY LIVE
Produced by: TUTM.CITY /New York /London /Sofia /Prague
Release date: 2006 - 2021
Running time: 180-360 minutes
Language: English
Genre: Cinema-Phone /Real mysteries, which you can take part in solving. On your smartphone experience it online - like in the cinema, but live on-site throughout the cities of Europe. /Alternatively at home at the computer.

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- Photo gallery from: Épisode à Paris /Le mystère de l'étoile occidentale à Paris. -

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Mystery Live
(fun on the city streets - live)

25 countries with dozens of cases to solve in each.
     The main characters and their meeting in New York. Who am I? Who is she? The ??? 5+10+15 To Unravel The Mystery Company. Ready to unravel the tangle of mysteries. Experts from many fields, Symbology, Iconology and Enigmatics, solving the world's real-life unsolved mysteries. Solving mysteries presented in a truly revolutionary way. Combining ancient mysteries and modern 21st Century information technology.
     Absolutely anyone can join in the events, and experience first-hand the individual cases of Episode 1 along with the main characters! To join in the fun, simply enter the code on your mobile phone with internet connection.
     The story of your chosen episode will then lead you, live and direct, into a labyrinth of city streets in a European city. You can expect an adventurous experience, learning, excitement, and a test of your intellect.
     Episodes are exceptional in range, as it covers countless genuine, unsolved mysteries of the world.

(at home on your computer)

By no means can everything be resolved first-hand. There are mysteries, tied in with events way back in time, or with artefacts inaccessible to the public in their original form. The case may extend beyond the physical borders of several countries, and it would not be easy to actually travel in order to solve the mystery.
     Therefore, Genre Science reveals important mysteries in the form of stories. These can be read in the safety of your own home, without the need to travel. The facts are decoded using Symbology, Iconology and Enigmatics.

(you can take a book anywhere)

Genre Books begins twenty years later. The meaning of the ??? 5+10+15 symbol has never been revealed, and now a quite natural explanation emerges.
     5+10+15, the main characters of the story in books are the children of Attis and Cybelle, ten-year-old Sebastien and fifteen-year-old Erik, with precisely a five-year age difference. They follow their parents' example, and go in search of mysteries themselves. When they are unsupervised for 5+10+15 hours while travelling in Europe, they manage to get themselves into some thrilling and precarious situations. They call their Mother for some expert advice.
     If Cybelle only knew what her inquisitive boys were really up to!

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2006 (Paris, France).

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Magic / Alchemy / Occultism / Artifacts / Masonry secrets / Symbols / Hermetic secrets / Philosophy / Sacred geometry 

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