"The Cogito ergo sum The story of the truth has begun since the time when man descended on the planet Earth, the story we are now presenting is just the beginning For whom For the one who does not see sense in the everyday life of a man. , who asks: Is there anything more than to be born, go through a school, then a university, find a well-paid job, start a family, raise children and ... die? Is that all? Or is there much more? For those who are looking for and know that there is much more in life, this real story is the story of your extraordinary life, in which you are the hero and discovering things, revealing tales to everyone in their eyes, yet perfectly hidden to their eyes!
     What you need:
The determination to discover
Mobile with internet connection (required)
Binoculars (I recommend)
Notes (I recommend).
     You will see everything with your own eyes, you will even be able to reach. The world of Mysteries was always available only to the initiate. Now TUTM.CITY opens it to everyone who cares."