EPISODE IN PRAGUE /English version

Availability: episode to be launched / tickets are not yet available in advance
Delivery: the ticket, including activation instructions, will be sent to your e-mail address after payment.
How does it work? the ticket allows you to activate the episode on your smartphone and experience it online - like in the cinema, but live on-site throughout the town of Prague. We recommend that you open the introductory part in a comfortable and peaceful location of your choice, without the noise and bustle of the town to disturb you. Then, ready for adventure, you can set off to the first plot-site. Don't worry about getting lost, help and hints are available for you. You can expect action and adventure like you've never known before. You will figure out ancient secrets that you can't learn about anywhere else. But beware: revealing hidden knowledge can be a surprising and quite extraordinary experience.
Validity: 14 days from date of receipt of purchased ticket.
Ticket price: 179 € including VAT (21%).

999 999,00 €

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