The manager of your personal data is the specific company: 


The administrator (according to Article I.) manages the data for the purpose of fulfilling the contract within the e-shop order mystery live services, and thereby fulfilled the legal obligations for identification implemented contract between the seller (data manager according to Article I.) and the buyer (client) after completion contact, registration, order, payment and invoicing forms on our pages.


Personal data are managed for the duration of the contractual relationship and subsequently for absolutely necessary to ensure a safe and functional service and to fulfill obligations in terms of tax collection.  


According to Article I, the administrator of personal data does not perform any operations with data and personal data, except for communication within the order of the service, delivery of goods, and communication during the service. Does not provide data to third parties, does not interfere with them in any way, does not change them, does not make them available or transfer them to third parties (with the exception of making them available to state authorities Within the law). The data is only available to the banking company as part of the order, providing e-shop payment services during the process of ordering and paying for the service.


As a data subject, the client has the right to: a) to access personal data b) to correct personal data c) to delete personal data d) to restrict processing e) object to the processing f) on data portability g) file a complaint with the supervisory authority h) for information regarding the correction or deletion of personal data or restrictions processing i) be informed in the event of a breach of personal data security j) withdraw consent to the processing of personal data. The client's rights are described in detail in EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). You can withdraw your consent and exercise other subject rights in writing at any time by sending of your request to the e-mail address of the data controller referred to in Article I. Last modifications 31/07/2020 


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