Attis and Cybelle arrive at Paris to participate in a conference. They put up in a hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Cybelle's paper starts at the Sorbonne tomorrow.

     Yet they are addressed by a stranger who introduces himself as Arago. He says he recognized Cybelle based on photos in the media. He knows about her recent discoveries of secrets hidden in Alphonse Mucha's oeuvre. In response to her direct question, he says: "All New York talks about that."

     Cybelle is naturally curious to know why he approached her. Arago is yearning to add glamour to the Parisian monuments. He is familiar with Cybelle's potential and he believes that upon the discovery of the true meaning of things, many of the ignored artefacts will be in the centre of attention again.
     Cybelle warns the man! If she gets down to solve the mysteries of Paris, her discoveries will touch not only several lesser-known monuments but also the major monuments as well as the city layout and the certainties all have taken for granted till now.
     Arago is taken aback. He didn't expect such implications. Yet since he is an advocate for truth as he claims, he agrees.

     Shortly after the meeting, Cybelle and Attis realize they are being pursued! By whom? For what purpose?
     They will need to proceed with caution!

     Welcome to Paris...